Choosing an XML Editor

When I had to choose an XML editor there was one name that kept cropping up on XML discussion groups. It became clear that the editor of choice for many experts was <oXygen/> XML.

It was very inexpensive compared with the flagship product that I was used to, and I wondered how good it could be. After downloading the free trial I quickly started finding features that I wished I could have used in previous projects. The ease of xslt debugging, and the ease of integrating DITA specialisations are two of the features I most value.

High on my priority list was good technical support. Much of the support provided on the technical support forum went above and beyond the call of duty. Often the help was on the technicalities of XML standards rather than directly related to the editor itself.

Without knowing your specific circumstances, I cannot claim that <oXygen/> XML will be the best editor for your needs, but I can say that I have never for a moment regretted my decision to switch to <oXygen/> XML.

Doug Morrison
Information Architect, Specialising in DITA

Software Publisher's Description

Oxygen is a multi-platform XML Editor, XML Author, XSLT/XQuery Debugger and Profiler. Supports visual XML editing driven by CSS stylesheets. It supports XML, XSL, XQUERY, FO, XSD, RNG, RNC,NRL, DTD, Schematron, WSDL and CSS documents and offers a powerful and intelligent code insight that guides the user to write valid XML content.

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